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Apply for Dealership

Please Read the following carefully before applying!

Conditions of Registration


Please attach the following to your application:

1. Certified copies of ID documents of all the Owners or Directors or Partners, together with copies of ID documents of all people who you authorise to place orders on your account
2. Copies of Company registration documents – particularly those pages showing Company name – and the name(s) of the active Member(s)
3. A copy of your VAT registration Certificate – if you are registered
4. Very Important! – Contactable Trade references from THREE other PC Companies with whom you are registered as a customer
5. A list of the RANGE or TYPE of products you will be interested in purchasing from us

Please pay special attention to these requirements:

PLEASE FILL IN ALL THE FIELDS ON THE APPLICATION FORM: It prolongs the process if we do not receive everything the first time round. If you are unsure – please call us to find out.

DO PLEASE PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE NAMES OF: The Account holder, the Buyer(s), / Contact(s) and the name of the person who will collect on your behalf.

The Owner and Buyer / Contacts are the ONLY ones who will be allowed to contact us with enquiries, quotation requests and orders. We do NOT deal with third parties or anyone whose name does not appear in the account information on our system.

If you are unsure about any of the above; please contact our head office with your query. Make sure you use a relevant and future-proof email address. We will be sending you the price list as well as specials & new stock arrival information on a regular basis. It is also your responsibility to update your contact/dealer info when the need arises. Please do so by sending us an official letter with the required changes.

Price List

Please note, that the price list is only available via e-mail (we send it to all our dealers once a month) and via download from our website. Once you have been successfully registered, you will be issued with a password to access the price list from our website.

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