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LGA 2011

  • CP-I7-5820K
    INTEL CORE I7-5820K 3.3GHZ LGA2011V3 15M
  • CP-I7-5930K
    INTEL CORE I7 5930K 3.5GHZ 6CORE LGA2011
  • CP-I7-6800K
    INTEL I7 6800K 3.4GHZ LGA2011-3 15MB L3
  • CP-I7-6900K
    INTEL CORE I7-6900K 3.2GHZ 2011V3 20M CA
  • CP-IX-E52630V3
    INTEL XEON E5 2630V3 2.4GHZ 20M LGA2 CAC

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